Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things that make me smile

The amazing things you can do with sample paint chips

I would kill for that rug.

I made these soaps

They sit on my desk at work and people frequently think they're edible

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Test Map

View Queanbeyan DBL Pick Up Bus Stops in a larger map


Live long and prosper, bitches.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I want this:

It's not really anything I guess, but I just love it. I'd love it as a painting, I'd love it as a quilt, I'd love a room with a colour scheme derived from it

If I can be bothered, maybe I will attempt the quilt one...


Live long and prosper, bitches.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

I'm Still Alive

Gosh, has it really been 4 months since my last post? You'd think I'd been flat out doing crazy interesting things.

I did however get myself a well-paying full-time job in Canberra and score myself a lovely apartment that I'd had my eye on online and thus move here; get a cool housemate (named Kirby no less) who conveniently works at a donut shop and brings me home treats; convinced the subject of many months of obsession and stalking to be my boyfriend; went on a week holiday to the town I grew up in to see my best friend get married and partake in my now goddaughter Eliza's Naming Day ceremony! That actually does sound busy, doesn't it? Really though, I spend most of my non-working hours just laying around like a sloth. And would you believe that up until two weeks ago I didn't even have internet at home? *gasp* I guess therein lies the real reason why I've not posted, but I never thought I'd be able to live without internet. Now that I have it however, I wish I didn't. Ah, the return of long nights on the lounge with no concept of time as I refresh the same pages over and over... Such unsatisfying fruitlessness.

Canberra and its people are mostly treating me well though. It's been cold and it's been weird but I've made some new friends and I'm generally happy with my life for a change. Hopefully off to the snow in a few weeks, for the first time ever. We haven't worked out the logistics yet but hopefully all goes well!


Best use of space I've seen in a while:

Assorted other novel things:

And the under-bed kitchen seen on the cover and pages 9 & 10 of this book preview:



If I've not mentioned somewhere along the way, I've fallen in love with Delphinium as a name. It's long, it's flowery, there's the character Delphinium Twinkle in the book Chrysanthemum, and it has a multitude of nicknames including Dell, Delphi, Delphine, Elphie, Elphin & Phin. My major crush at the moment is Delphinium Tuppence though I'm also partial to Delphinium Sassafras.

Also have to mention again my fascination with Persephone, AKA Periwinkle, Percy, Peony, Poesy, Posy, Pepper, Penny or Poppy.


I went a bit mad at Target today. I spent several hours scouring the clearance baby clothes and after deciding what things to take and what things to leave, I came away with about $200-$300 worth of adorable goodies for $91.19. The amazing thing though was that I re-scanned everything before I went to the checkout and I rounded every price up to the next dollar and came to a total of $92. So while I was expecting to have overestimated by $10 or so it turns out I was almost spot on. Though I'm not sure if that says good or bad things about my maths... If I have nothing to do tomorrow I may take photos of my bargains.

Well and truly bed time now though! Zzzz...


Live long and prosper, bitches.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bits & Bobs: 5 April 2011

I want this lounge:

And this room and overpriced hat:

And I already have these! A new doona cover from Big W ($25), blue jeans and Cookie Monster jumper from Jay Jays ($40 each), and uggs from Target ($21). Bruce Wayne, priceless.


Nothing new on the name front. Apparently Jasper is unacceptable on a girl as much as I think it's brilliant, and Tuesday Lilias "Daylily" also received little love.

Favourite names haven't changed in a fair while:

Ivy Aster, Willow Matilda, Jessamy Lilac, Evangeline Iris, Madelief Annie, Mabel Fern & Lilias Jane

Madelief Annie is wrong for presumably obvious reasons, and not just because everyone either hates Madelief or thinks it sounds like a Pokémon. Still not sure how to get Persephone in there. Was hoping to use it to somehow make Jasper as a nickname but it turns out there's very few Jas names that aren't Jasmine. Eh, can't win all the time.


Live long and prosper, bitches.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bits & Bobs: 18 March 2011

So, Ann-Sophie Wimmerstedt. You may know her as Adora BatBrat, a kooky barely-human looking woman who gives make-up tutorials on YouTube.

Here she just had fangs put in by her dentist:

A seriously fine line between batshit crazy and completely amazing. Would you believe she's 38? Check out her Facebook profile pics for some incredible photos of her.

But this isn't just about her; she gave her three kids some truly something names. Taken from a blog post on her MySpace, their full names are:

Synthia Viola Lezzy Eila
Fairlight Oktavia Ester Monroe
TeeBee Valentin Charles Emil

They were all named after synthesizers. How about that huh?


Thanks to Adom for showing me this Bedroom in a Box. I thought about re-posting it, and then I dreamt about it last night so I figured I ought to. That's a whole lot of win.


Live long and prosper, bitches.

Friday, February 18, 2011


I wish I could realise décor concepts like this :(

This was done using an all white room and two projectors. Genius, no?


Live long and prosper, bitches.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pretty please?

I want this room ♥


Live long and prosper, bitches.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Baby girl, turn me on with your electric feel

Eek! I want this dress! But I don't want to pay for it.

I checked out Betsey Johnson's online store and that shit is so overpriced it's not funny. No joke, $270 for the world's fugliest, mankiest sweater. I dare you to seek it out yourself.

I also want Katy Perry's boobs. And face.

Okay, just give me Katy Perry.


Live long and prosper, bitches.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Bookshelf Porn

No really. If you don't follow the links, two are from a site called....BOOKSHELF PORN!! Is that not the best website name ever?


Seriously. A bedroom in a cupboard? That is so far up my fucking alley it's like they built it just for me to see.


Live long and prosper, bitches.